Wednesday, 5 January 2011

How is suspense created in the stepfather?

Suspense is created through intensity within the stepfather, the main character is called David he is the bomb of the thriller movie when he meets the woman at the beginning and the end. Whenever he meets the woman the time for the bomb starts to tick we as an audience just wait for him to explode and destroy his prey which is the wife and kids. The normality which is created in the beginning of the thriller when he sets out his shaving equipment and shaves and dyes his hair there is a picture above showing this.

There is a creation of suspense already as the audience already know what he is capable of and what he is doing. Often the music in the step father creates a lot of tension, this effect works really well due to it keeps the audience on their toes, this creates a lot of tension within the scene and just keeps the audience thinking when will he pounce upon this family.

However the eldest son and girl friend become very suspicous of the step father and start to seacrh his room for clues the girl friend at first thinks he is just over reacting but later on realses he is right all along.

I think the step father has many good ideas within it however i will use some elements within my coursework but not many.

we have the best scene at the end as expected to be the most thrilling which it is they have been chased up into the attic where we as the audience think they are going to die now.

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