Saturday, 15 January 2011

How is suspense created in 'The Stepfather' ?

Suspense is created in 'The Stepfather' with the use of eery music and good use of camera shots. The film doesn't contain a good lit environment, it's tended to be dim lit and gloomy which enhances on the thriller factor. There are a couple panning shots on weapons; first shot of shaving equipment and the second is on kitchen utensils covered in blood. Dangerous weapons are also a part of the thriller factor.
At the very beginning, the audience are introduced to the main character who looks like an ordinary man, supposedly getting ready for work. The audience see him in the bathroom shaving, then presented to a man who now completely looks nothing like before. He is presumably changing his identity as he dyes his hair, shaves off all his beard and wears coloured contact lenses, which leads to the question of 'why'.
The audience are then presented to the main characters family who have all been killed and left lying around the house and as the main character is casually walking around his family as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened, the audience are now fully aware that he is the stepfather.

'The Stepfather' contains a lot of false plateau as the music changes and where the audience would naturally suspect something horrifying to happen, but doesn't, which misleads and the horror and thrills occur when the audience is least expected.

Change of identification

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