Sunday, 16 January 2011

List Of Thriller Sub-Genres.

The genre 'thriller' has many sub-genres to it and these may include;

Action Thriller - This type of thriller involves heavy action and that would be quick and fast paced film. (E.g. Resident Evil)

Psychological Thriller - Thriller that would keep the audiences mind going and leading them to question many things. (E.g. The Butterfly Effect)

Supernatural Thriller - Things that occur out of the ordinary, usually to do with spirits or ghosts. (E.g. Paranormal Activity)

Political Thriller - Mostly set on plots that would take ones power and give it to someone else, tends to involve action. (E.g. Enemy Of The State)

Suspense Thriller - Thriller is set on tension, excitement and suspense, but suspense thriller takes a step further and really gets the audience's heart going. (E.g. Phonebooth)

Erotic Thriller - Consists of sexual activity and attraction between two people. (E.g. Fatal Attraction)

Conspiracy Thriller - Often contain journalists or amateur investigators finding something believed to be unusual and being lead on to something much bigger than expected. (E.g. The Conversation)

Mystery Thriller -  Usually involves murder and the investigation of the crime and 'whodunit' (E.g. The Game)


My favourite thriller has to be psychological thriller because I like the fact that it gets the audience thinking and I enjoy having to figure out what is going on and having to use my brain to solve answers. Psychological-thrillers not only affect you during the film but after the film also, you look at certain things differently and it affects the way you make a judgement about certain things too.
I particularly like 'The Butterfly Effect' as it totally had my mind racing throughout the whole film. I loved it.

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