Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Bag Swap (Filming and Editing)

After we had learned the functions of the camera, we had the task of doing some practice filming, in preparation for our actual thriller opening. We drew influence out of other movies, typically action and espionage, a genre which incorporates conventions similar to the common thriller.
we had to film two characters swapping a bag in such a way that it seemed planned, and conntoes some sort of action.

The lesson after we filmed, we had a quick re-cap on using final cut pro, as well as soundtrack pro and livetype. This allowed us to insert our memory cards, use our video drive and begin an edit.
The editing requried patience and detailed analysis we managed to do a rough cut within an hour and then after our 15 minute break we had done the final cut. The next step was inserting a soundtrack, made via loops in soundtrack pro.
I decided to use a 'drone' for the first part of the movie, until the pace increased nearer the bag swap where i added some bassy drums and an electronic melody.
The drone is typical of horror and thriller movies and is very effective in creating a sinister atmosphere.

Adding and selecting sounds in soundtrack pro.

Arranging the sound sn the 'arrange' screen

Notice the film in sync with the music in a small display at the side.

Trying out backgrounds and fonts in livetype.

Arranging the whole thing together back in final cut.

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