Monday, 7 February 2011


This is the trailer for 'Das Experiment', a German film which i watched with English subtitles (there are none in this trailer).
I thought i would get an understanding of more types of thriller, and i would not be able to label this one, it crossed over in to both suspense/psychological/action thriller sub genres. It involved the offer of money for the involvement in an experiment, where everyday normal men, or 'meerschweinschen' (guinea pigs)  were put in to a prisoner/officer environment, and locked away for only 2 weeks, to see how they would cope. The men who posed as guards became too assertive, and the prisoners too rebellious, ending in disaster, it contained a psychological message as well as one of action and entertainment.
        The misc-en-scene of the underground faux-prison was what created much of the atmosphere. The trapped feeling added a lot to the suspense and discomfort an edge-of-your-seat thriller should offer.
I took some photos while i was out, as i thought it might influence me in my group's thriller opener.

All shots taken around London Bridge (both north and south sides).

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