Tuesday, 1 February 2011

There were 31 suspense films realsed in 2009 and there were 503 films realsed in 2009.

Action, animation and comedy account for 52% of the box office in the uk this is because they have a bigger appeal to audiences and generally have a larger target audience.

Thrillers only take in 4% of the box office due to not many people are keen on watching them and also  they don't have a great appeal unlike other genres. A major factor is age restrictions so this automatically creates a smaller target audience it will appeal to.

Looking at the genre by gender diagram it shows how females tend to watch romance and period films which are soft and humble, where as the males tend to watch crime,action and sci fi which involve a lot of violence and distress.

Thrillers tend to be targeted at an older audience and do not take into the account the younger audiences.

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