Monday, 7 February 2011

Psychological/Documentary Thriller.

I watched a strange film, 'The Fourth Kind' which i would describe as a suspense/supernatural/psychological thriller: Rather than 'Horror' where i found it in blockbusters.
I think this type of film is successful, as they made it very real, and it had 'factual' interludes by a commentator, at certain points in the film, but most notably at the start you are assured that the events are all true life accounts of alien abduction. And after the movie, they even have the audacity to say on the credits about how people's lives went on: "Abigail never did find her daughter, and her son still blames her for her disappearance'.
The film was in fact, a 20million dollar hoax, nonetheless successful and thrilling viewing.
I chose to do a blog about it because i took some influence from the occasional shaky filming, and distorted sound. In moderation, i think is effective. Rather than 'paranormal activity', another huge hoax, or 'The Blair Witch Project', both of which i thought to be largely unentertaining films.
This is the fictitious video supposedly recorded in 2000, where the main character is under hypnosis. The Camera does however make it seem in a way, realistic, and it wasn't until i searched online that i was convinced of it's falseness.

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