Friday, 25 March 2011

Camera Work

We had a lesson on how to use the camera appropriately so that we do not damage the camera's. Our teacher showed us that there different types of function in the camera, such as the focus buttons and how to zoom in and out.
                            This is a very similar camera that we are going to use for our filming.
In using the camera equipment we have to insert the memory card in to the camera (were you can find the slot at the left hand side of the camera) first so that your shots can be stored in.
 you also have to make sure the memory card is unlocked.

Instead of hand holding the camera we use a tripod, so that the shots aren't shaky and so that we can take fine shots. You can also extend the tripod higher (however you want) by opening the nob at the bottom then closing it again.
you have to make sure you slide the camera in carefully, and you hear a click and check that the camera is secure, you that its in ready to use. Our teacher demonstrated how to do all of these things and we all had a go at it.

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