Friday, 25 March 2011

Font Analysis

Serif font - such as Times and Courier
traditional font which has lines at the end of each letter.

Sans Serif fonts - such as Arial and Comic Sans
Sans Serif are generally more relaxed and more informal and more friendly.

The film "PEARL HARBOUR" is in a "Palatino" styled font which is a serif font. The letters are all in capitals, the  title is also is placed at the bottom and the width and the height suggests that it promotes to an older audience as there is an RAF styled plain in the poster which shows that it is a film from the past history, which makes it seem like a war time film.

The film "ROCKY" is in a Frank Gothic Heavy styled font which more of a Sans Serif styled font. The letters are in capitals, but yet Big and Bold! which makes it stand out more, and with relation to friendliness the font is more curvy and smooth portraying with the image which shows friendly relation with two people.

It is important that the right font suits the right film cover, so that the viewers don't get muddled up with wrong idea of the film.

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