Monday, 21 March 2011

Rough cut evaluation

while editing for our rough i found that we had to do a lot of cuts and have decided to make some of the shots quick and sharp for the final video as it would engage the audiences more as they would want to find out what is going on. We had various successful shots that we added in following are animatic story board,  however with inspiration we added a few extra shots that popped up in mind while we were filming.

As we were going through the shots and cutting out the unnecessary parts, i found it very amusing looking at them footages i realised it takes a lot of hard work and effort into making a video.

for our rough cut we have added the main bits to our video so it can then be more easy for us to do some more editing for the final video however we have decided to add the credits in later for our final video.
The title of our video is "Anxiety".

Our location was london bridge so we added shots of the thames in the opening to set the scene, we also had a shot of a locked chain and a danger of death sign so that the audience can sense the fear in the video.

At the moment in the rough cut, we have left it to be silent, but for our final video we are going to add music to make it sound more tense.

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