Monday, 21 March 2011

Rough Cut Evaluation

Firstly, the filming went well, the group were more than satisfied with the shots we got.
We stuck to the story board (see animatic) but also added in a few more shots that came with inspiration.

To start we set the scene with the train tracks, and then by the river setting, getting closer to the location of our victim, we then see a sign that says 'danger of death' which indicates something bad is going to happen.
We are then shown a shot of the bleeding victim which should intrigue the audience and make them wonder what happened, which remains largely unexplained throughout the opening.

as the character passes out it sets to a different scene at an earlier daylight time where he is drinking with a friend; the contrast in scenes was supposed to create the sense of a flashback to what had been done previously the day before the incident. I think this causes intrigue for the viewer.

we made sure to use a good amount of close ups for detail. Especially when trying to show how our victim is trapped, see the shot of the lock and the bars on the 'prison' location by London bridge, as well as close ups of his arms and legs tied to the chair.

Various hints such as the danger of death sign and the close up on the lock add to the ominous feeling, which will be added to also by the music which will be in the final version.

We decided to end the opener movie on a cliff hanger, leaving the audience to decide what would happen next so as not to give too much if it were to continue in to a feature length movie. Thus fulfilling it's task of being a thriller 'opener', rather than a short standalone self contained piece.
In the final piece, i would make the shots shorter to create more of a sense of pace, and also think strongly about the music, and build a soundtrack around the atmospheres and events that are given from the video.

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