Wednesday, 23 March 2011

the final curtain

After analysing the rough cut, i realised we should change some things to make the final cut more suspenseful, making some shots shorter to generate more of  feeling of pace.This eventually cut around 20 seconds off the film here and there, nd made it seem more professional, as well as concise. We also decided to add some effects in the 'flashback' drinking scenes, such as changing the saturation to black and white, and adding a lens blur, as the characters became annebriated. I think this contributed greatly to the overall feel of the film.

We still have the titles and soundtrack to do. both of which we will keep simple. The titles will be a simple black background, with an ordinary white font, with effects added to it such as blur and earthquake to give it a flickering effect. I feel that in this case the titles should come before the movie rather than overlaying the footage, as it could go two ways
1. overlay titles may distract from any action shown
2. overlay titles will not be acknowledged because the focus will be on the action.

The location plays a key role in our thriller opener and it is the first thing we see, to signify it's importance, it would be wrong to cover it with text.

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