Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation Q1 conventions of thriller opening.

Film openings usually establishes the theme of the film and also establishes the mood and tone for the rest of the film.
The convention of the title of our thriller opening was inspired by MEMENTO, this makes the title look more noticeable, as the title appears on a black screen.
Soon after we introduce the names of the that worked in the production of the opening (credits)
At the very start we added are own production company ident this could suggest what type of film it is, whether its a good hollywood blockbuster film or a not so very known company.
This is a production company ident "Screen Gems" from "The Step Father"
We decided to make our own production company ident to make it look more independent and safisticated.

The opening also could establish the main character/s as in "The stepfather" it mainly starts off with main character first, before any other characters.
This is where we see the main character with a low angle shot to show that he is important in in the film but also not a victim.
We have used this convention of the low angle shot in our opening.
This is a low angle shot on one of the main character.

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