Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation: Audience Feedback Question 6

Feedback from fellow class members showed that many were fond of the music and thought it created the right mood.

I sampled the piano and other sounds from a song i had made prior to the project, and after re-listening to it i thought it would suit the thriller opener.
 Sounds from 'soundtrack pro' were also used, in order to create the drones prevalent in many thrillers.
Friends also praised the camera-work and editing.
Some feedback from facebook.
Many people in class and also friends outside of college who i asked liked the shot of the lock.
 and the shot that followed where the foreground was in focus and the background (where our victim is) is out of focus.

People said that they thought this added to the feeling of entrapment (see wordle word cloud at top of post)

The only thing people said they would change or improve is that they would have less of the shots of the kitchen scene as they were not as strong. Although they were needed to create a contrast between the mood of the trapped scenes, i agree that the shots and camera angles, and also lighting were not as effective, this became more apparent after feedback. We were dealing with a relatively small space- in the kitchen there was little room to maneuver the camera and it's tripod. 

Q6 revisited:

The experience of watching our thrillers in the cinema allowed us to see reactions we would get from a crowd and also the quality of our footage, and the depth of our sound.
Our thriller received good comments after the show with some saying the idea was quite original and that the location (depicted in the film and other blog posts at an earlier date) was very good. The audience cheered for all the films, but it was the exclamations made at certain points that indicated a direct reaction to the intended effect of a good camera shot.

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