Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation: Q1 thriller opening

A few words to describe what the opening of a thriller should be.

I feel that although my thriller opener contained some stereotypes of the genre, it challenged some too. Avoidance of stereotypes completely is both difficult and unsettling for the audience as it is the conventions of a genre that make it what it is.

Looking back on the opening to 'The Stepfather', it was branded as mediocre thriller as a whole, i thought the opening was both disturbing and successful. 

As with most thrillers ours started with the production company.

We decided to make our titles mostly on a black screen, or dark parts of the shot.

we also made the text wobble, in order to create the handheld effect. although we did not use the handheld effect much in our actual shots as we didn't think it suited. But adding the earthquake effect to our text made it stand out more and seem more professional.

here is a video i made outside of the project, for one of my songs, which uses the handheld effect in a dizzying way.

One thing that the stepfather did that we also did was use the misc-en-scene of normal everyday activities, in contrast with the aspects of a thriller.

For example in our movie, the scenes where the supposed couple are drinking wine at home, contrasts with most aspects of the trapped scenes (where the victim is tied). through the shots we used, as well as the lighting and effects. The trap scenes are clearer.

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