Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Rough Cut Evaluation

Firstly the filming went well we were able to get all out shots done today, we also stuck to our storyboard however we inserted a few extra shots through inspiration.

We set the scene by the train tracks and then we go over towards the water which indicates were the victim is then a sign of danger pops up which says danger this indicates the victim is in danger. There is a shot of the victim covered in blood and a ripped t shirt this makes the audience think what has happened and remains a secret throughout the opening.

The shot blurs out to another shot which is supposed to show a flashback of what happened earlier in the day before the incident. In this shot he is  drinking alcohol with a friend and they both seem to be happy and getting along but after a while he goes to take a sip of alcohol but seems to collapse upon the table, his friend gets up and walks away.

This leaves the audience in suspense due to during the thriller apart from that scene you never see his friend ever again so it creates a suspense of what has happened to him and how he has ended up being locked up.

We made sure we got many close up shots in order to show the detail of him being tied up and the detail of his struggle we also had a close up of a sign on danger which shows a human being electrocuted these hints show that death is coming.

We decided to end the thriller opening on a cliff hanger in order to leave the audience in suspense and keep them thinking in doing so we fulfilled our task of creating a thriller opening and in the actual thriller opening we will make the shots shorter and create a soundtrack based on the atmosphere of the thriller opening. 

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