Friday, 8 April 2011

Q8 Evaluation

If you look back at my group's 'pre-lim' movie, 'The Swap' where we exchanged bags in a thrilling way, it is easy to see our progression to the finished product.
For example, the first noticeable thing for me was the quality of the filming and camera angles. in our final film i think the shots were framed more professionally,and the tripod was used more effectively in steady shots and both pan and tilts.
The music was also very noticeable, as with the prelim, the music seemed out of time and slightly boring.
The final thriller which came a few weeks later took much more time and care to produce, and the time and care is something that came with added experience, which we gained from the preliminary.
Lighting was a constant issue throughout filming both movies, but i feel that in anxiety, the final edit had sufficient lighting, dealing with the mix of natural and unnatural light we had to deal with in our location.
Editing skills also greatly improved, although, i was very pleased with the scene of the bag swap as i thought the editing was tricky and precise, the anxiety movie came out with a much more professional feel, by trimming down the clips to the exact right amount it is easier to maintain the viewers interest.

If you view the question 8 group post that the whole group are tagged in, you will see the lengths we went to when recording- via the uploaded photos.

the film is viewable here, in comparison with the prelim i am sure most would agree a lot of progress has been made, in all aspects, music, title text, camera work, lighting, sound, mis en scene and all.

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