Thursday, 7 April 2011

question 4 and 5: evaluation: distribution

I think that my film, anxiety, would be distributed mainly through the use of the internet.
sites such as facebook, youtube, vimeo, twitter, tumblr, blogspot, and dailymotion are all examples of where media can be spread online. As this is an independent student movie it makes sense to spread the movie in a place where other student movies are likely to be spread.
This is a snap of me spreading my film via the tumblr blog system.

This advert for the university of lincoln was a task to present an advert for the university in a thrilling way.
As you can see, via youtube it has gained over half a million views.
you can watch it here:

This is an example of how succesful it is to spread media through sites such as facebook especially, as it is very public, some videos even go 'viral' which means they are spread constantly throughout blogs and obtain tens of millions of views.

other ways of distributing a film are entering it for film festivals such as the east london film festival.

this would generate interest from more niche audiences who enjoy independent movies.

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