Friday, 8 April 2011

Q3 Evaluation

After some research i found that most thriller movies mainly targeted an audience ranging from their early 20's, to their late 30's. The thriller is a genre you can submerge in, usually with a twisted plot and jumpy moments. This means for your average adult full time worker that the thriller can be a form of escapism. Action thrillers are particularly prevalent among males, and psychological thrillers are slightly more popular among women.

Example thriller viewer:

Hi, my name is Daniel, i'm an IT technician for the offices of Autotrader magazine. I like to stay up to date with movies, especially the newest thrillers and horrors as well as old classics. I sometimes go to the cinema on thursday evening because it is more empty and relaxing. I usually watch action and thriller movies, because the excitement of an epic car chase can not be beaten. I like big budget films because special effects fascinate me, However, i find that low budget british thrillers are also very exciting; as they have a unique and un-cliched feel to them.
As you can see by this graph, thriller movies have a slightly more niche audience than many other genres. The most watch movie was an animated action/adventure/family movie.

Therefore my thriller, Anxiety, was produced for a niche audience.

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