Friday, 8 April 2011

Q8 Progression from prelim film to final film, Evaluation

for the final shot, i feel that it much better than the prelim shot , as the shots were more sharp and we had more variety of shots.
I feel that this shot could have been better in the prelim shot, as you could see the tripod at the back.
As a whole i think that compared to the prelim shot, the camera shots in our final film was more professional.

This is an example of a brilliant shot in our final film.

For our final film, the editing has improved from before, as we have used more quick and sharp shots and cut the unnecessary parts off. It is very clear in our opening, as the audience could tell when the character is having a flash back, as we have edited to have the flash backs to be in black and white .

 The mise en scene worked really well, with the blood and by the character being tied up to the chair, it made it seem more thrilling and dramatic, were as in our prelim we didn't have much use of mise en scene.
The location of our final film worked really, as I asked for a few audience feedback and some people said that the location had a really good effect with the mise en scene of the water in the River Thames.

The sound effect has improved from the prelim as, we had a long thought about what type of sound would go well with our final opening of our film.
Planing and research skills have an important role to our production as this leads to a good film because, when you plan when and what you are going to do, you would have a good focus, and after doing some research, it gives you a good starting point, and it may inspire you of what to do next.
Overall I feel that our final film has massively improved from our prelim shot, because of the use of mise en scene, location and the fact that we have a better experience of the technologies.
I feel that our skills on the use of digital technology has improved, as now we are beginning to be more familiar with its functions.
Due to social networking, I have also learnt that you could get a wide range of audience to watch your production.
Overall I have enjoyed the experience of this production, and have gained more experience of what the audience like to view more. I have also learnt how the use the MAC computers better than before, as i use to be confused of how copy and paste, and also how to print screen. =)

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