Friday, 8 April 2011

Q7 Evaluation

I have learnt many things from constructing this product.
final cut pro was new to me, i had previously used iMovie and windows movie maker quite a few times so i understood the general basics of video editing software, however i enjoyed final cut the most, it was a great program to learn as it is professional industry standard.
the arrange screen of final cut pro- clips easily dragged and cut.
fine tuning and cutting sound is made easy with the sound editing screen.
i found soundtrack pro easy to use, because i use the program logic which has some of the same effects and the same way of arranging the sounds.
this is a picture of the arrange screen zoomed in and also the 'space designer' reverb unit which i used to give the sound a roomier feel.
this is me using logic at home.
a closer look at space designer.

The hardware side of things was also fun, learning to effectively use the cameras and the tripods was also something i had touched on before, but still a new experience to be in charge and responsible for my own equipment, which we had to take care of.

The JVC 100 cameras we used were very high quality, as high as 1080p hd video recording.

Through blogger, i also learned more about blogging and decided to make my own blog for use in my free time. Throughout the project i found it was beneficial as i learned the use of new technologies.

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