Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation Q2

We were inspired the thriller opening of the Stepfather and used the stereotypical aspect of the emphasis upon the villain with a shot of the villain with his back turned then he turns around.

This is A shot of the villain from the back in our thriller opening, as inspired by "The Stepfather".
This shot could represent the villain showing that the main villain has some sort of control or power.

Also the representation of a shot of the victim lying on the floor in "the Stepfather" was effective, as we decided that a leveled shot of the victim lying down unconsciously would look effective for the audience, as we (the audiences) can relate to the victim is in need for help.

A shot representing the victim, in our thriller opening.
We decided to add a shot with both the villain and victim together. with the mise-en-scene of the victim lying don on the table, and the villain just being there.



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